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BOWENWORK Therapy is a gentle hand-on approach that produces powerful results. It non-invasively stimulates receptors in tendons and muscles, enabling the nervous system and connective tissues to release and reset tension levels and compensation patterns in the body.

As areas are realigned, inflammation and pain are reduced or eliminated, range of motion is increased and deep relaxation, improved sleep and energy level results.   

BOWENWORK supports the body in healing itself.   

It is an effective therapy for all manner of conditions and illnesses including traumatic injuries, arthritic pain, nerve pain, back pain, sciatic pain, headaches, hemorrhoids, posture-related problems, fatigue, fibromyalgia, TMJ, insomnia and even depression.  

BOWENWORK is initially and most effectively done, beginning with a series of 3 sessions once a week for three weeks. Then we assess what is needed and design a plan for further re-balancing and restructuring the body.

In addition to BOWENWORK, support for detoxification and decreasing inflammation are available through herbal formulas, based on The Design of how the body works, available at SuperSMARTFoods, created by Dr. Thomas Wilson, DC. You can go to for more information. 

Insurance can be billed for BOWENWORK/Massage treatments for those with auto insurance coverage suffering from a car accident within the first year of injury (with written referral from a medical doctor or chiropractic physician).

NEW LEAF Pain Relief is located on 980 SW 6th Street, Suite 24, nestled in the garden courtyard of the Riverside Plaza. Please call for a free phone consultation at (541) 226-7758. You can also find NEW LEAF Pain Relief on Facebook.

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